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  • How Much Do You Know About Quick Dry Foam For Outdoor Furniture?


    How to make the foam quickly drain off water and keep dry is a very important thing. You will get more here! Shinlin Furniture uses high quality quick dry foam that blends good resilience and comfort. And we take the breathability and water filtration into account. Read More

  • Do You Really Know The Differences Among Waterproof Fabrics, Water Repellent Fabrics And Water Resistant Fabrics?


    Knowing the major differences among these outdoor fabrics can help a lot. Shinlin has accumulated extensive experience from cooperation with various projects for both residential and contracting. We can make you stand out from competition. Read More

  • Do You Know The Tips On How To Mix-And-Match Your Outdoor Furniture Styles?


    How can I achieve my custom style? And for many outdoor projects, mixing materials is best achieved with garden furniture. Shinlin is here to share tips on mastering a mix-and-match outdoor furniture aesthetic which is all about pairing the right materials. Read More

  • Why Braided Rope Furniture Is Becoming Increasingly Popular In outdoor Furniture Industry?


    Shinlin carries a wide woven rope furniture collection, with options for dining and lounging, poolside, garden and patio, terrace and balcony. Read More

  • Do You Really Know The Characteristics And Advantages Of Various Outdoor Furniture Fabrics?


    What Is The Best Fabric For Outdoor Furniture? Shinlin’s experience and expertise in the industry will show you the characteristics and advantages of various outdoor furniture fabrics. Read More

  • What The 2022 Outdoor Furniture Market Trends Will Continue In 2023?


    What The 2022 Outdoor Furniture Market Trends Will Continue In 2023? Read More

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