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Do You Really Know The Differences Among Waterproof Fabrics, Water Repellent Fabrics And Water Resistant Fabrics?

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When you buy your favorite outdoor furniture, you must have such confusion: can it withstand water or rain? Even if the salesman explained all the details, you are not sure enough. You are not alone. If you took a poll, you would find that most people often confuse these topics. Because you have somewhat of an understanding but are unable to clearly discern between these terms. What are the differences among waterproof fabrics, water repellent fabrics and water resistant fabrics?

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What Does “Waterproof, Water-Repellent and Water Resistant” Mean?

Water Proof fabrics – Fabrics that do not allow any water to penetrate through them. This is the ultimate among all the categories. The finish closes all pores on the fabric and the fabric is completely immune to water.

Water repellent fabrics – Fabrics with a special fabric finish on the surface or back or special tight weave or one with special sprays applied that cause the water to roll off the surface. When the finish is gone the water repellency is also gone.

Water resistant fabrics -Fabrics treated so that it resists water to an extent. A chemical coating is applied on the surface or back. If you are standing in the rain for some time under some of these fabrics eventually water will get through.

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Testing Methods For Various Outdoor Fabrics

When it comes to testing outdoor fabrics for water-repellent qualities, factors like permeability (the trait of a material or membrane that causes it to allow liquids to pass through it) and penetration (the measure of how much surface area a liquid can cover as it is absorbed) play major parts in these experiments. In controlled laboratory environments, fabrics are tested in four classes to determine their performance. For outdoor furniture fabrics, the AATCC Method Testing 22 2005 is applied.

·        Class A: Permeability is tested against water pressure.

·        Class B: Penetration is tested in simulated rainstorms.

·        Class C: Levels of absorbance are measured.

·        Class D: The fabric is tested by means of angled liquid contact.

If a fabric is able to effectively pass these four classes of testing methods, it can be deemed usable for companies to use in outdoor fabrics.

AATCC Method Testing 22 2005

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Shinlin’s Expertise Will Help You More

Now that you understand the major differences among these outdoor fabrics. You should have a newfound sense of reassured confidence when purchasing the perfect product that meets your needs. Being mindful of label descriptions can greatly assist you in deciding whether a product will be suitable for the conditions that you expose it to. Truly know your product and how to clean and store it, because product awareness will help you prolong its use for years to come. Shinlin has accumulated extensive experience from cooperation with various projects for both residential and contracting. We can make you stand out from competition.

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