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Why Braided Rope Furniture Is Becoming Increasingly Popular In outdoor Furniture Industry?

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Is braided rope outdoor furniture a new invention? You may ask. But the truth is it is NOT. Furniture has been crafted from woven and knotted rope for a long history, and it’s easy to see why. The earliest origins of rope weaving date back to ancient times, when rope was the main way people recorded things. People tied knots in the rope in order to record an event or record time.

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From the earliest hammocks to Hans Wegner’s iconic mid-century folding chair to Shinlin’s woven rope outdoor furniture, the enduring appeal of rope has always been airy, lightweight comfort combined with handcrafted beauty and uncommon strength.

What Is Woven Rope?

When it comes to braided outdoor furniture materials, they are mainly made from Nylon, Olefin, Acrylic, Teslin, Polyester. Woven rope is a type of textile that consists of individual pieces of yarn that are braided and/or twisted to make a bigger, more robust piece of rope. It’s actually making a huge comeback lately, considering you can make all sorts of designs with woven rope. This gives designers a lot more room for creativity, which is why this is such a new and exciting trend in furniture.

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Why You Should Turn to Woven Rope?

There are so many materials to choose from, so why woven rope? Well, first of all, it’s an exciting material to use because the possibilities are endless. You can create highly contrasting looks, all from one type of material. And it’s useful in both decorative and structural applications. You can use rope all on its own without any modifications, or you can weave, warp, braid, or knot it. Because it’s such a flexible and strong material, rope can be used in conjunction with other materials to give your pieces breathtaking looks.

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A Stylish Collection for Every Space

To create woven rope outdoor furniture that maximizes the design possibilities and can live outside for years to come, Shinlin uses high quality rope. Strong, soft and resilient, this high-performance rope resists fading and staining and weathers the elements beautifully. It can be fine or thick, flat or round, and lends itself to being wrapped, woven, braided and knotted in myriad ways. This makes our designers happy and our customers even happier.

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Combined with teak or aluminum, this innovative all-weather rope creates seating that’s lightweight yet exceptionally strong and supportive – seating that feels comfortable and looks great outdoors, season after season.

Shinlin’s woven rope patio furniture sheds rain, dries fast, and lets breezes and gusts pass through to help you stay cool on hot days. In addition, woven rope’s tactile and visual softness offers dynamic contrast to the smooth, crisp lines of wood and metal, bringing sophisticated style to outdoor spaces large and small.

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Shinlin carries a wide rope furniture collection, with options for dining and lounging, poolside and patio, terrace and balcony.


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