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How Much Do You Know About Quick Dry Foam For Outdoor Furniture?

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When selecting outdoor furniture, people are often first attracted to its fabrics. But it is easy to ignore the hero behind them, the foam. It is the foam that makes outdoor furniture more comfortable and durable. Because of the nature of outdoor fabric, it is not possible to completely exclude water from entering the foam, especially in heavy rain. How to make the foam quickly drain off water and keep dry is a very important thing. How much do you know about the quick dry foam for outdoor furniture? You will get more here!

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What Is Quick Dry Foam?

Quick dry foam, also known as a reticulated foam, is a high-performance material that is used for quality outdoor cushions. Quick dry foam has been specifically designed for outdoor use in residential applications and marine environments. Unlike conventional foam, quick dry foam drains quickly allowing the cushions to dry fast even after being saturated. This is thanks to the open-cell structural makeup which allows water and air to easily pass through the material. Such open cell technology is made to prevent the elements from wearing out your outdoor furniture.

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What Are The Benefits Of Quick Dry Foam?

Quick dry foam will stand up against anything without compromising the integrity of the cushion, even with constant exposure to rain, sleet, snow, and sun. Comprised of antimicrobial agents, quick dry foam’s reticulated open cell foam composition allows for water to flow right through the material, making it a mold resistant foam.

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Another advantage of using quick dry foam cushions is that they can remain considerably cleaner than conventional foam cushions. Dirt, dust and irritants can get trapped in the structure of traditional foam which is almost impossible to get out. When dirt is noticeable on quick dry cushions, it can be easily cleaned with a light hose down. The cushions can then be placed in a well-ventilated area to dry out.

What Makes Shinlin Furniture More Competitive?

Success often comes from unseen efforts. Shinlin Furniture pays great attention to these unseen parts. We use high quality quick dry foam that blends good resilience and comfort. And we take the breathability and water filtration into account. All Shilin’s upholstered outdoor sets adopt the multi-layer structure of "water repellent outdoor fabric + quick dry foam". They can survive the elements year-round, and almost as importantly, won’t lose their shape. The firm cushion has enough to ensure comfort, your days and nights outside are consistently enjoyed in dry comfort.

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