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Shinlin believes that real good materials make the real good furniture. All material and products are tested with certificates. Shinlin is fully prepared to provide flexible one-stop-solution, from ODM/OEM trial order to mass production and various projects.
Leading innovation and quality in garden furniture since 2006.
ODM/OEM, trial orders and projects orders are avaliable.

Quality is Shinlin's highest priority.

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Product development and superb quality are always at Shinlin's heart.
Shinlin Furniture is one of outdoor solution expert in Shunde China, leading innovation and quality in garden furniture since 2006.

We understand how important outdoor spaces are, so we are passionate about developing collections that enhance your outdoor living whilst reflecting your personal style.
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May 04, 2024

The 2024 Milan Furniture Exhibition showcased a stunning array of outdoor furniture pieces that captured the essence of style, comfort, and functionality for outdoor living spaces. From sleek and modern loungers to traditional wooden dining sets, the exhibition featured a wide range of outdoor furni

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January 15, 2024

What is the main decision-making factor when you shop for outdoor furniture online? The Design? The Brand? The Quality? Or the Price? Many would say all of them. But what decides whether you will click on a product page or just swipe away is probably quite numeric: The prices.

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December 02, 2023

TikTok is one of the most popular entertainment and video-sharing platforms experiencing rapid growth since 2018. A considerable number of businesses also use TikTok as a platform to build brand awareness, grow their reach, and interact with consumers.


Designs perfectly meet with ergonomics.


Strong and stable manufacturing capacity makes you more competitive.

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Shinlin Furniture is one of outdoor solution expert in Shunde China, leading innovation and quality in outdoor furniture since 2006.
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