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Do You Really Know The Characteristics And Advantages Of Various Outdoor Furniture Fabrics?

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What Is The Best Fabric For Outdoor Furniture? When you shop for outdoor furniture, it is such an important question! Because cushions are one of the most important considerations. Definitely you want to have soft touching, beautiful colors and high performance for outdoor usage. Many people would say Sunbrella is the best. It is certainly the only household brand name when it comes to outdoor fabric. The industry has never provided anyone with an answer aside from Sunbrella. It has naturally led to shoppers automatically thinking Sunbrella is the best and only choice. Actually, cost is also a factor you should not ignore. Shinlin’s experience and expertise in the industry will show you the characteristics and advantages of various outdoor furniture fabrics.

Shinlin cushions colors

Solution Dyed Polyester

Polyester is a synthetic fabric that begins in liquid form. When polyester is solution-dyed it means that the color dye is added during the liquid stage prior to being cooled, and then it is spun into yarn. In essence, the color is actually part of the actual fibers produced. The traditional method of dyeing involves first producing the fiber, and then adding the color afterwards. The original fiber is produced in a colorless form and is then dipped into the color dye to create the desired color of the fabric. When solution-dying, since the color is present throughout the entirety of the fabric, and not just applied to the surface of the material, the fabric retains its properties more than a stock-dyed fabric would when exposed to intense weather conditions such as sunlight. Solution dyed-polyester is engineered to be a top performing fabric that won't fade, color bleed, or stain.

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Solution Dyed Acrylic

Acrylic fabrics are soft to the touch and mold and mildew resistant, making them a great choice for outdoor furniture cushions. They also repel water and dry very quickly. The process of “solution dyeing” ensures that the fabric will resist fading over time. Most fabrics are woven into yarn and then dyed their color after, which means the core of the yarn is white and the color will eventually fade. Solution dying is when a liquid fabric solution is mixed with the dye color before it becomes a yarn, meaning that the color is true all the way through to its core. Sunbrella is made with solution dyed acrylic fabric.

SF007 Sofa Set 26

Solution Dyed Olefin

Sunproof is a solution dyed olefin fabric, which means it goes through the same process as Sunbrella to make its color. Olefin is also a mildew resistant, quick drying, and water repellent fabric. Another benefit is that it is resistant to chlorine. Olefin is definitely a fabric which is lesser known than acrylic. It is more rugged to the touch than Sunbrella.

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All of them can be used for commercial settings which includes a wide variety of resorts, hotels, and restaurants around the world. Shinlin can provide various fabrics for your outdoor cushions and act according to your specific requirements. We always keep a good balance between the performance and cost-effectiveness.


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