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Is Outdoor Furniture Really Totally Outdoor for All Weather? Listen To What Shinlin Says!

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“Can our outdoor furniture be left outside?”, is definitely the question we get asked frequently from end users. Surely many sellers in this industry, especially on the short video platforms, promise that their outdoor furniture is 100% all weather proof. The statement “designed to live in the heart of your garden, no rust, no rot, whatever the weather” sounds like something many in this industry would say. Is this really the case? Definitely not!

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All weather proof is a pretty critical feature of outdoor furniture, and whilst any item sold as such should be able to sit outside in all weather, there are numerous caveats and compromises to that. It depends on the material the furniture is made from, how it is constructed, the condition it is in, how well it has been maintained, what extra protection you’ve given it, and even the microclimate in your garden. In reality, much of the outdoor furniture sold in the market is weather-resistant but not fully weatherproof, which basically means that you can leave it outside but it will start to show natural signs of ageing even if you never use it.

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Aluminum Frame Powder Coated Is the Best Outdoor Furniture Material

Aluminum is the most popular metal for outdoor furniture. Aluminum is relatively inexpensive, low maintenance and never rusts. And it can easily be worked into a variety of intricate shapes. Aluminum garden furniture by Shinlin is light, robust and corrosion-resistant. It is made with high quality materials and cutting-edge technologies. Aluminum furniture is often combined with other materials to enhance its design. Aluminum and teak are an unprecedented classic – smart and sophisticated. Weather-resistant textilene emphasizes the lightness of the fabric while guaranteeing a comfortable seating area. Our aluminum-framed tables can feature different tops, from tempered glass to sintered stone.

The Fabric and Rope Weave Secrets Underneath the Colors You Should Know

The polyester fabric is typically coated with either an acrylic or vinyl (PVC mesh) to protect it from the elements. Polyester is strong, flexible and resists water damage and staining. It’s tear-resistant and dries quickly. That’s Shinlin’s standard. Also, we can provide Sunbrella fabric which is generally recognized as the “gold standard” of outdoor textiles. Shinlin’s 100% non-toxic polyolefin fiber rope is created for indoor as well as outdoor use. Like no other synthetic or natural fiber, it’s resistant to fungus, bacteria, sunlight, humidity, chlorine, food stains and sweat. It’s extremely lightweight, washable, environmentally friendly and fully recyclable. And it is a good idea to pair an umbrella to your outdoor furniture set.

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The Foam Is the Hidden Heroes That Can Make Outdoor Furniture 

More Comfortable and Stylish

Cushions and accent pillows for outdoor furniture are only as good as the materials that go into them. At some point, they’re going to be exposed to rain, sleet, wet bathing suits or damp beach towels. Even if they have the most weather-resistant premium acrylic cover, some water will find its way in through seams and zippered closures. Consequently, the foam core of your upholstery must not only hold its shape and comfort level, but it must also be able to dry quickly and prevent damage from moisture too. Shinlin uses High Density Foam to make the seat stronger and durable, without collapsing. Like other high-end brands, Quick Dry Foam is also Shinlin’s standard to guarantee excellent performance.

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