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Can Demand For Outdoor Furniture Last? Listen To What Some Prominent UK Outdoor Furniture Players Say!

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Outdoor furniture retailer Maze has been awarded a Growth 100 Index Award for its gains made over the past year. Growth Index is a new ranking of fast-growing British companies. Since 2019, Maze's sales have grown by over +240%. In 2021, the brand hit £36m in sales, and it is on track to deliver strong results again this year. But the reality is that many people, including dealers, wholesalers and distributors, do feel the economic winter, including high inflation, uncertain epidemic and social outlook.

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Can Demand For Outdoor Furniture Last? It is the question we all have to ask. Let us listen to what some prominent UK outdoor furniture players say. From this we can analyze and predict what the challenges are and where opportunities are.

Unavoidable challenges that the industry cycle create

“We may see a cooling on outdoor furniture sales in the short term, mainly because it’s a luxury item that may slip down the pecking order with the increased cost of living. Freight rates continue to also be high, meaning that the actual cost of the product is elevated as to where it should be, and this will continue throughout 2022 into 2023.” James Brown, Director, Daro.

“Many smaller suppliers jumped on the bandwagon in late 2020/early 2021, but they faded away due to shipping issues and sky-high sailing prices. The market will settle down, and people shouldn’t look at 2020 as a ‘normal’ year but an exceptional one.” Marc Rogers, Managing Director, Home Junction.


Obviously the sluggish economy is the biggest challenge. Everyone in the UK is feeling the pinch from high living costs. For outdoor furniture importers, the situation is equally difficult. The weak Euro, high level shipping costs are unavoidable problems.

Where there are challenges, there are opportunities!

“We plan to keep looking at innovation and ways to reduce marginal costs on products without compromising on quality, and to keep offering consumers and retailers value-for-money products.”James Brown, Director, Daro.

“As with all our product categories, we intend to continue leading by design, developing exciting new products to bring to market, to offer customers more choice for outdoor living.” Carole Nolan, Garden Furniture Buyer, Gallery Direct.

“As working from home increasingly becomes the norm, we’ve even seen a shift to WFG (working from garden)! We will continue to develop clever products that mean our customers can make use of their outdoor spaces throughout the year.” Ella Broughton, Head of Product, Moda Furnishings.

We believe the high demand for outdoor products will continue to grow, as consumers create more sophisticated (and weatherproof) outdoor areas. They will spend more time outdoors, and therefore invest more into making these areas comfortable and aspirational. We will extend our garden furniture collection for 2023, with sample ranges already in production, and there are plenty of new occasional pieces and accessories in progress too, designed to be suitable both indoors and outdoors.” Samantha Jackson, Commercial Director, Bluebone Imports


Challenges are also opportunities that will kick out the weak and make the strong stronger. This is a great opportunity to realign the product portfolio and improve management efficiency. High added value, innovation in both materials and designs are the key words to stand out from the competition.



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