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Will 1+2pcs Balcony Sets Be A Breakthrough In Chinese Outdoor Furniture Civilian Market?

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Due to the factors of living space and consumption habits, the majority of China's outdoor furniture is concentrated in the commercial sector. Procurement demand is mainly from hotels, corporations and real estate etc. Thanks to its mobility and comfort, small balconies have been experiencing a trend of higher demand. But the question still remains. Will 1+2pcs balcony sets be a breakthrough in the Chinese outdoor furniture civilian market?Shinlin Outdoor Dining Set

There is no doubt that balconies have become the standard for all kinds of houses, even with the trend of getting bigger and bigger. In most cases, people use the balcony as a "clutter area", "smoking area" and "drying clothes place ", completely unable to play the role of balcony to enjoy the scenery and relax. Or some people move the old indoor furniture to the balcony. Yes, to some extent it can create an “outdoor space” with such used furniture pieces. But it not only affects the aesthetics, but also does not meet the applicability.

So the small balcony sets with competitive price whilst taking up less space has become the first choice of many people.

There are so many styles and designs of outdoor furniture on the market. Each coin has two sides. Despite its beauty and durability, teakwood furniture is heavy and expensive. Although not as expensive, stainless steel and cast iron outdoor furniture is much less comfortable. Relatively speaking, outdoor aluminum rope/rattan weaving furniture achieves a perfect balance of price, comfort and lightness. Some 1+2pcs balcony sets with popular style only cost less than 100 us dollars. The balcony with such 1+2pcs sets will be a wonderful land of “coffee room”, “family bar” and “reading corner”.

CZ005 Dining Table Chair Set 10-11

Aluminum frame itself is light with excellent weight-bearing capacity. And the rope/rattan woven by hand is both breathable and flexible. Different colors with various weaving styles can satisfy people's discerning needs. Shinlin Furniture is committed to providing more competitive outdoor furniture for both commercial and household sectors.

Shinlin’s balcony table and chairs sets are in minimalist styles without compromising fashion elements. We use high-quality aluminum alloy frame with powder coating. They can withstand All-Weather, with no need to worry about rusting and deformation. Environmentally friendly rope/rattan with various colors and patterns will brighten up your balcony space. Most importantly, Shinlin’s high standard for water-proof fabrics and quick dry foam can bring you a perfect leisure experience.


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