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What Are The Top Outdoor Furniture Trends For 2023 China International Furniture Fair (CIFF)?

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In 2023, the newly upgraded CIFF Outdoor, with the theme of "blooming", showcased the whole range of outdoor home furnishings. From shading products, accessories to leisure products, they brought new products, new insights and new inspiration to the industry. It created a one-stop procurement platform for designers, dealers, engineers and other professional visitors, helping exhibitors seize opportunities.

1 Shinlin CIFF

The Fair has upgraded the outdoor category to an independent sub-show in PWTC, pointing to "the largest and most professional outdoor home furnishing exhibition in Asia". Some sound brands, including Higold, Derry, Couture, EverGaining, Artie etc., continue to show their new models at the Fair and explore market. Analysis shows that the outdoor furniture industry is entering a new cycle. On the one hand, overseas markets continue to maintain a steady upward trend. Let’s uncover the top outdoor furniture trends in 2023 CIFF.

1 Mixed Shinlin

Mixed Materials and Collections

Outfitting your outdoor patio with mixed materials and collections is a great way to create a practical and stylish space in 2023. This year, we’re seeing the use of complementary mixed materials in outdoor furniture, such as teak wood with aluminum, wicker, rope with aluminum, and natural materials. Don’t be shy to mix outdoor collections as well. Integrating different colors, accent tables, and chairs from other collections provide an eclectic designer look. Some designs incorporate functional sofas and recliners.

3 Wider Upholstered Shinlin

Wider and Thicker Upholstered Seating Experience

People no longer seem to be satisfied with the simple combination of metal frame plus seat cushions. These nice designs with wider and thicker upholstered seating experience are the eye-catcher. They not only enhance the visual effect of the furniture models, but also raises the comfort to a new level. To a certain extent, they dilute the difference with the indoor furniture, allowing better integration.

4 Larger Shinlin

Larger Dining and Seating Groups

Now that gathering and socializing are back in full swing, we are seeing larger dining and seating groups as a hot trend to accommodate more entertaining outdoors. Make your outdoor living area comfortable and inviting with armless chaise lounges for extra seating around the pool, rockers by the fire pit, extra-large or modular outdoor sectional sofas, and counter-table height bar stools for outdoor kitchen areas.

5 Higer Quality Shinlin (1)

Higher Quality Standard and Warranty Guarantees

In 2023 CIFF, we are also seeing an increase in the use of imported 100% solution dyed acrylic outdoor fabric, PU and leather. Some brands can promise a warranty of 5 years or more which is only suitable for long lasting metal frames. It is clear that outdoor furniture trends are shifting to prioritize quality and warranty guarantees. Since customers are investing more in high-quality, durable outdoor furniture made to last.

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Shop These Outdoor Trends at Shinlin Furniture

These 2023 outdoor furniture trends move us towards high-quality, durable, sustainable, and eclectic designs that are made to fit your space and style. If you’re ready to incorporate these trends into your outdoor living area, visit our website www.shinlin-group.com to receive exclusive deals! And Shinlin is fully prepared to be your OEM/ODM partner.


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