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Part B: What Are The Important Trends In Outdoor Furniture At The 49th Guangzhou CIFF?

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A perfect end to the 49th CIFF in Guangzhou. You may ask what are new and important products and designs. As a participant, Shinlin Furniture takes you to learn more about the important trends in the outdoor furniture industry.

3. The Combination Of Metal And Wood Is More Beautiful

We are not surprised about solid wood or aluminum frame outdoor furniture at all. But the combination between the solid wood and aluminum frame can bring more beautiful appearances. It breaks the monotonous feeling of the past. Even if it is a full aluminum frame, some exhibitors will use wood grain coating to enhance the attractiveness of the product.

4 Teak Plus Metal

4. Upholstered Dining Chair for Both Indoor And Outdoor 

Is Worth Your Attention

Is there a new dining set that can blend the indoor comfort and the outdoor durability? Yes, there is. In the general impression, an outdoor dining set looks in such ways, solid wood, rattan or cast aluminum goes with separate cushions. Despite less compromised functionality, they are not integrated and look rather unattractive. Now such All-Match Dining Set for Both Indoor and Outdoor will make a perfect combination. It blurs the boundary between indoor and outdoor. It means that you do not worry such a dining set ruins your atmosphere when you place it indoors if necessary. On the contrary, it will make your dining space more elegant.

6 All Match

5. Functionality And Concept Enhancement 

Bring Interesting Products

What will happen if some functions and concepts can be added for some regular products? Although not a significant breakthrough, at least it can bring a little surprise. For example, the two models below will earn your applause? The combination of a dining chair and a hanging chair will make your eyes shine. While you can expect more when an outdoor bean bag sofa is added with rotating and footrest functions.

5 New Idea


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