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Part A: What Are The Important Trends In Outdoor Furniture At The 49th Guangzhou CIFF?

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A perfect end to the 49th CIFF in Guangzhou. You may ask what are new and important products and designs. As a participant, Shinlin Furniture takes you to learn more about the important trends in the outdoor furniture industry.


With an exhibition area of 510,000 square meters, more than 2,700 exhibitors and more than 80 conferences and events, the CIFF actively promotes high-quality development in four aspects: smooth industry, expanding domestic demand, stabilizing foreign trade and promoting consumption, focusing on promoting domestic and international double circulation and better serving the needs of a better life. Among them the "outdoor home exhibition area" is the most eye-catching. This year, the CIFF once again presents the new trend of application with a forward-looking visualization trend from the innovative perspective of "2022 CMF Trend LAB". CMF, meaning Color, Material and Finish, focuses on the design and application of raw materials in the home furniture industry.

swing 2

1. Swing Chairs Become Eye-catching Products

In addition to the conventional outdoor sofas and dining tables and chairs, rocking chairs have become an indispensable player of the CIFF. Some Swing Chairs breakthrough the original design, such as egg-shaped, birdcage design. They integrate the hammock design concept that can enable the one to lie down or reserve space for double. At the same time, they abandon the original PE Rattan material, but turn to more breathable and light nylon mesh. Of course, the KD structure design is also a highlight that can make the packaging volume smaller. It is very important for buyers, especially for the overseas market.

Fire Pit 3

2. Fire Pits Become New Trends That Cannot Be Ignored

In the previous CIFF, fire pit products were still only sporadically presented. But in this exhibition, there are already many exhibitors who have launched their own fire pit products. Whether it's an outdoor fire pit coffee table or an outdoor fire pit dining table, there are new models presented. All use high temperature resistant glass and LNG safety interface to ensure safety performance. For overseas markets, of course, the product requires a more rigorous testing process. The CE certificate is essential.


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