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Is The Future Of Outdoor Furniture Industry Still Bright?

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The world economy is overshadowed because of continued high inflation, a potentially foreseeable food crisis... People's wallets are not as bulging as they used to be, even if they want to spend. Unlike food, outdoor furniture is not a human necessity. It seems that people are less willing to invest in outdoor furniture. Despite years of sustained growth in the outdoor furniture industry, people still have a question at this moment. Is the future of outdoor furniture industry still bright?

Obviously, such worry is unnecessary! According to the latest study on “Europe Outdoor Furniture Market Forecast to 2028 – COVID-19 Impact and Analysis – by Material (Metal, Plastic, Wood, Rattan and Others), Product (Sofas, Chairs, Tables, Seating Sets, Loungers & Daybeds), and End User (Residential and Commercial),” the market is projected to reach US$ 7,340.34 million by 2028. It is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.8% from 2022 to 2028.

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The truth is that more and more people want to extend their life outside. Commercial properties, including hotels and resorts, restaurants, golf courses and even corporate headquarters are paying more attention to designing and enhancing outdoor spaces. So now the question remains that what factors should we consider when investing in outdoor furniture.

Quality First

As the Chinese saying goes, you get what you pay for. Generally, market will offer different products, low end or high end. Whatever the product, you should be more concerned about quality. To some extent, there is a misconception that there is no need to consider quality at the low end. Laiza King wrote for The Huffington Post, “When it comes to purchasing outdoor furniture, durability is crucial given that people really don’t want to be burdened by frequent replacements.” Choosing outdoor furniture shouldn’t be based on which is the least or most expensive. Rather, you should focus on which furniture sets combine the best balance of excellent construction and style. Of course, quality is the first priority!

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Focus On Performance

Shinlin always believes that real good materials make the real good furniture. That's absolutely right! It is best for you to choose materials that hold up and endure in the elements. High performance, durable materials are the guarantee to both resist weathering and serve as a sturdy foundation for commercial outdoor furniture. Powder-coated aluminum, teakwood, PE rattan and Teslin have been proven to be reliable materials. And it is better to choose fast dry foam and all-weather fabrics. Otherwise, cheap fabric will fade in the sun and cheap foam will soak up the water. And it’s going to take days before you can sit on your chair again. Surely this is not what you want.

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Get After-Sales Service

It is undeniable that every product has a life span. But you can still enjoy your leisure time in that period, as long as you can get good after-sales service. It’s essential when choosing outdoor furniture to make sure the brand can cover you with such after-sales service. After all, there will be a few little accidents. Your kid may accidentally cut the cushion. There is also the possibility that you need to knock down the outdoor furniture and reinstall it when relocate. This is where tiny small replace parts or installation services become very important. Shinlin's outdoor furniture warranty is both competitive and substantial in its coverage of our models.

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