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Is Outdoor Furniture Industry Growing?

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The outdoor furniture industry continues to grow.

Outdoor furniture, often referred to as garden furniture, is specifically designed for outdoor using, such as patio, garden, beach etc. According to a new research report on the outdoor furniture market from 2021-2031 (with 2021-2031 as the forecast period and 2020 as the base year), published by Transparency Market Research, the market value of outdoor furniture market in 2020 has exceeded USD 17 billion. And the report gives a CAGR of 6% for the statistical cycle. The popularity of commercial outdoor furniture and the demand for outdoor furniture from consumers are the key factors leading the growth of the global outdoor furniture market.

Social rebound drives demand for outdoor furniture.

The global outdoor furniture market is expected to see a spring in the wake of the epidemic that has so far enveloped the global village and the desire of homeowners to relax while sensing the "freshness and freedom". 

In the early days, the outdoor furniture was not a school of its own. Most residents simply had to relocate indoor furniture to outdoor use. But long periods of sunshine and rain will compress its usage life span. When the "wilderness survival" skills become urgent, outdoor furniture was born. 

Nowadays, family homes or open-air business premises equipped with patios have been essential outdoor furniture to add color, complemented by appropriate outdoor furniture, such as mini-balconies and other space. They can also improve the comfort of people's living space. In addition, social events such as family dinners, weddings and sunbathe are expected to make a comeback under the global epidemic, driving demand for outdoor furniture products.


Since the epidemic, the consumer scene has shifted to online, and consumers are increasingly focused on differentiation and cost effectiveness when choosing products. They are pushing outdoor furniture manufacturers to improve their existing work processes to respond to changes in consumer demand and improve operational efficiency. 

Under the epidemic, corporate social responsibility has become a major factor influencing consumers' purchasing decisions, and many consumers are beginning to reflect on their past habits in the hope of meeting their personal needs while reducing their negative impact on the environment.

The deepening of the concept of sustainability and the desire to improve the living environment have become external factors driving the global outdoor furniture market to continue to soar. While it was inevitable that consumers would turn to better quality living environments due to travel bans during the epidemic, experts expect consumer enthusiasm for residential remodeling to continue to stay at high level in the post-epidemic era.

Surge in demand for outdoor furniture in hotels, restaurants and offices.

Recently, the radius of consumer activity is gradually expanding, and travel has once again become a "top priority" in life. Hotels, resorts, and open patios are returning to their pre-epidemic footprints, and these trends represent, in part, the strong growth of the outdoor furniture market. In addition, consumers are increasingly interested in "outdoor decoration", the courtyard in front of the door or a balcony in front of the living room has become the "object to be transformed".

Outdoor furniture should have a certain degree of resistance, crack resistance, insect resistance to withstand the "test of nature", which is the first thing that consumers will consider when buying, nowadays, most companies have turned the direction of research and development to environmentally friendly one-piece furniture, in order to alleviate the fear of choice and take the road to sustainability, to find a balance between balance point.

In addition, resorts and hotels and other leisure and entertainment venues closed down by the epidemic, and are now ready to fight a beautiful turnaround, the demand for outdoor furniture is naturally less. In addition, the hot real estate industry will also drive the sales of outdoor furniture. Some open-air/semi-open-air restaurants and offices need to be redecorated to suit the needs of social isolation in the post-epidemic era, which will also greatly contribute to the booming outdoor furniture market.


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