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How to choose the ideal Outdoor Parasol for your garden?

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After replaced the sun umbrella for the garden 3 times, finally summarized these 4 experiences, how to choose the ideal parasol for your garden.

Outdoor Parasol

From the use of the area and function, sun umbrella is not as good as the awning, but many people are still obsessed with its face value. Also do not look at the material function, anyway, hot-headed to buy. As a result, after the purchase, the sunshade at home was found to be exposed to a lot of problems: side-turning, umbrella discoloration, rust, not wind-resistant and so on.

So, buy garden umbrellas do not be too casual, otherwise, use less than a year will have to change. I summarize the following 4 points of experience for these common problems, before buying umbrellas must read, to ensure that you can not step on the pit.

1. understand the type of garden umbrellas and its advantages and disadvantages, according to the need to buy. There are 3 common types of umbrellas:

Banana Umbrella (6)

01. Banana Umbrella

Banana umbrella is beautifully shaped, moderately priced and more suitable for cities with low wind.

Its advantage is that the umbrella surface can be adjusted with the direction of the sun, which can provide different angles of shade; at the same time, its curved design can increase the visual effect and make the space more beautiful.

The disadvantage is that the umbrella surface is generally small, which can not adapt to the large area of the sun shading needs, and it is also easy to tip over when the wind is strong.

Roman Sun Umbrella

02. Roman Umbrella

It can be said to be the carrier of the umbrella, the umbrella surface can be made round or square, but its price is the highest in the household umbrella.

Advantage is that the shade area is large, can adapt to the large area of the shade needs, equipped with solar energy light belt, can ensure that the day and night use. It also has a beautiful appearance and can add to the ambience and visual effect of the place.

Its small disadvantage is that the price is relatively expensive, and need to be fixed on the ground, not convenient to move.

Central Pole Umbrella

03. Center Pole Umbrella

The center column umbrella is similar to the traditional ordinary parasol, often used with outdoor tables.

Advantages are relatively cheap, easy to move and use, can be adapted to a certain size of the sunshade needs.

The disadvantage is that when used with outdoor tables, the center support column will occupy a certain space, affecting the line of sight and the aesthetics of the space.

2. Look at the base

The base not only affects the price but also affects the stability of the umbrella, there are two kinds of common parasol base: marble base and water tank base.

Sun Umbrella Marble Base

Marble base

Marble base: hard material, durability, due to the heavier, good stability, not afraid of the wind blowing down. Its disadvantage is that the price is higher than the tank base, not easy to move.

Sun Umbrella Water Tank

Water tank base

Water tank base: its advantage is that the price is low, you can adjust the amount of water, water umbrellas are easy to move (here to say a little knowledge, you can choose the water tank base with wheels, move up more convenient). Its disadvantage is that it is easy to cause deformation due to collision.

3, you want to use the umbrella surface for a long time, not aging, not fading that also depends on the fabrics

umbrella fabric color

There are many umbrella fabrics, but I suggest that we divide into two categories: imported fabrics and domestic fabrics.

First of all, imported fabrics on the material of higher quality, dyeing, coating and other processes more rigorous and advanced. Not only can ensure that the color is long in the shade, UV protection, breathability and other functions are also superior.

However, there is a point, imported fabrics are much more expensive than domestic, so when buying umbrellas if you see the price is cheap, it is basically domestic fabrics.

4. Look at the umbrella color shades

Many people like to buy white or light-colored umbrellas, but the color shade will actually affect the effect of UV protection and heat insulation.

Generally speaking, light-colored umbrellas have a weaker ability to block UV rays and heat, while dark-colored umbrellas have better heat insulation and UV protection.

I'll add about the price, the main factors affecting the price of the parasol is the umbrella type, base material, umbrella surface material of the three, we should synthesize these three aspects to judge when comparing.

Want to buy a parasol friends understand it, also hope that you can pay more attention and interaction! For more information, welcome to contact with Shinlin Sales Team and discuss online.


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