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How to Select Patio Furniture?

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In the concrete jungle of the metropolis, it is hard to see the garden and green space anymore. In order to keep an acre of garden in our hearts, the home design circle has taken the "roof terrace" as the "new backyard" in the city. In the busy city, the roof is made into a "sky garden", "sky vegetable garden". Outdoor furniture has become a perfect match for the sky garden.

1. Placement determines the style and material.

Does your outdoor area have a sunshade? Is the furniture on a soft lawn or a hard surface? Remember, if on a lawn surface, never use furniture with a wood frame. Because the wood will absorb moisture, which will then cause damage to the frame. If there is direct sunlight, it is best to use a sun urmbrella. Direct sunlight can be harmful to both the furniture and human skin.

2. Material is important!

The material of outdoor furniture is very important. It determines the future maintenance. So do not just look at the appearance when buying. Aluminum and plastic wood are the easiest to take care of. While furniture made of raw woven rattan or wood requires regular maintenance. 

3. Functionality is the trend.

In a small area of the terrace with a few aluminum chairs, it can be used as a seat, but also temporary food and drink. Plastic wood table and chairs serve the same purpose. They are most suitable when there are guests coming. When not in use, they are placed against the side to save space. Some sofa sets also have storage space underneath. After the summer, they can be moved back indoors to use.

4. Color matching is the focus.

The color combination can be determined according to the outdoor environment. If the surrounding area is dominated by greenery, fabrics with stripes and floral patterns are good choices. And if there are many flowers, then you can choose some neutral colors, such as beige, light blue, gray, etc.

5. Comfort is the highest pursuit.

In the post-epidemic era, being at home has become a normalization. How can you make yourself more comfortable and enjoy the time with your family? Obviously, comfort is the highest pursuit. Even in the case of alone, a set of comfortable and warm outdoor furniture will certainly bring you a peace of mind. Outdoor sofas and braided rope products are a good choice!

The smell of sunlight in the wind with a hint of wetness.

A spacious and comfortable recliner.

A glass of bubbling golden champagne.

A perfect terrace for a party.

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