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How To Protect Your Outdoor Furniture?

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You may like to take a sunbathing, or may like to meditate in the rain. But your outdoor furniture doesn't, even though they are designed for an outdoor setting!

During the warm and cozy seasons, you spend a lot of time in your backyards, gardens, porches, balconies and poolside, and even at the beach. Outdoor furniture can bring you and your family a rare and joyful time. In such fair weathered months, an extravagant outdoor getaway is an enviable asset to have.

SF011 Sofa Set

No matter how durable outdoor furniture is, after all, outdoor furniture has its life span. Shopping for outdoor furniture to build the perfect garden oasis can be easy and fun. But knowing the right way to care for your new outdoor set can be a little more challenging.

Don’t worry! Shinlin Furniture is always here to tell you how to protect your outdoor furniture! Actually protecting your stylish new outdoor furniture from water damage, elevated temperatures, and the scorching summer sun is easier than you think!

Use Outdoor Furniture Covers

First and foremost, opt for outdoor furniture covers.


To ensure you're getting full coverage and protection against weather, you should look for ones made of highly durable materials. Generally such outdoor furniture covers are made of Oxford polyester fabric. It is featured by waterproof, dustproof, UV resistance, aging resistance and high durability. You can choose Velcro tape, zipper, drawstring for garden furniture covers. Customized sizes and various colors are available for your selection. Shinlin furniture covers make it easy to keep your outdoor pieces looking like new for years to come!

We believe that you love your garden furniture deeply. Why don’t you dress them up?

Place Outdoor Furniture Under Parasols

It is a smart and easy way to turn to sunshade.


On hot days, keep your beloved friends – and furniture – cool by placing pieces in shady, covered spaces. Skip the sunburn and beat the heat by adding a lightweight, UV-rated umbrella. Someone would like to call it sunshade or parasol.

The important indicators of parasol are UPF (ultraviolet protection factor value), size specification, weight, umbrella handle material, umbrella fabric material, skeleton number, folded length, etc. Usually the higher the UPF value, the stronger the ability to isolate UV rays; the larger the size specification, the larger the area under the parasol. Shinlin outdoor parasol sets cover various styles, like simulated PP straw with aluminum central pole version and waterproof fabric with aluminum side pole version. Thickened umbrella frame can resist strong wind. Various sizes are optional.

It will always be a sunny day if you hold a parasol!


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