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How To Clean Outdoor Cushions?

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Colorful and comfortable cushions can make outdoor furniture soft and stylish. Such rope weaving and PE rattan furniture with aluminum frame garden furniture don't look so monotonous anymore. We believe that you definitely do not want to relax on the sofa or daybed without cushions.

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Generally all seat cushions from Shinlin Furniture are made of high density quick dry foam whilst the pillows are filled with high quality hollow fiber. And the covers are 100% polyester waterproof fabric. But the fabric can gather dirt, debris, mildew, tree sap, bird droppings, and other stains from outdoor use, so it's important to know how to clean outdoor cushions and pillows to keep your seating area fresh and comfortable.

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In general, the foam in the cushion is less likely to become dirty thanks to covers’ protection. You just need to keep it dry. Not recommended to wash the foam, especially for the pillows. What you need to do is to pay more attention on how to wash the covers. Most of Shinlin’s cushion covers are removeable. It will save you a lot of troubles so that you can turn to washer. Use a heavy-duty detergent and cold or warm water (unless mildew is present). When washing cushion covers, use cold washing cycles or low heat. This is to help avoid damage to the fabric. Washing on a cold-water cycle also helps avoid shrinkage for fibers that are susceptible to contracting with water contact.


After washing cushion covers, you might be thinking about drying them in the drier. The best drier setting is the lowest heat and for a shorter duration. Do not place the fabric in a hot dryer because that may cause shrinkage. Allow the pieces to air dry. Use a cool to medium iron to smooth wrinkles if needed. Spread the fabric or cushions in the sun to dry. It may take a couple of days for thick and big items to dry. So plan for hot, sunny weather to avoid mildew problems. Make sure dry them completely. Enjoy sunshine, and enjoy the leisure time with Shinlin Furniture.


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