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How To Clean & Care For Your Rattan Outdoor Furniture?

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Now the Spring and Summer are around the corner. It is probably time to start thinking about sprucing up your Rattan Outdoor Furniture. You would have no idea when faced with them covered in dust. Someone may claim that you could simply blast the furniture down with a high-pressure hose, or even use bleach. If you thought the same – you can’t!

Here is a guide on how to clean your Rattan Outdoor Furniture correctly and get it looking as good as new.

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The way you go about cleaning rattan garden tables will largely depend on what type of rattan your outdoor furniture is. For instance, you have to be a bit more careful with natural rattan than with the artificial PE rattan version.

To approach the main structure of a natural rattan garden table, you should first loosen and remove mud or moss with a stiff brush or a vacuum cleaner. Rub gently so you don’t damage or scratch the surface. Make sure that you are getting into all of the nooks and crannies. We’d suggest using a toothbrush for the spots that are particularly hard to get to using a large bristle brush. Soak a sponge or a cloth in soapy water, squeeze it and wipe it across the furniture. Repeat this with clean water and dry the furniture well with a cloth – good as new!

Please do not use any cleaning products that contain bleach or scouring agents on either natural or artificial rattan furniture. Such cleaning products can lead to cracks developing which in turn leads to more dirt build-up! Also, bear in mind that a pressure washer will be too forceful and could damage your furniture.

The best way to approach the glass top of your rattan outdoor table is to once again use trusty lukewarm soapy water and a soft cloth. Make sure you have a rag handy to avoid those pesky smudges. Once you have completed cleaning the glass with a damp soapy cloth, you should also give the glass a once over with the cloth. Be sure to rub in circular motions.

The process is more or less the same for artificial rattan. But you don’t have to be so careful with your use of water. You can splash soapy water on the furniture, rinse with lots of clean water from the garden hose and leave it to dry. We would like to say it again. Don’t use any type of pressure-washer. It will damage the finish of your furniture. And voila! Your garden table is ready for another sunny season.

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Cleaning the main structure of your Rattan Outdoor Chairs & Sofas would be simply the same technique as above. However, there is a way to cleaning your often overlooked garden chairs and sofas. We are more than sure that this will come in handy for you this spring and summer.

If you are able to remove the covers of your cushions, place them in a washing machine with mild washing detergents. Once the cycle has completed, ensure the covers are completely dry before placing the cover back over the foam. This is to avoid any build-up of mildew onto the foam.

Sometimes your cushion covers are not removable. You should make a solution of warm soapy water with the mild detergent. For example, two caps of detergent and the rest of the solution made up of water. However, it will depend on the size of your Rattan Garden Chairs & Sofas. Use a soft brush to scrub the solution into the cushion and wipe away with a soft, wet cloth. Then, press the cushion in between two towels and squeeze any excess water out. It would be preferred that you could place the cushions into an airing cupboard for a few hours. It will ensure that they are completely dry.

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Rattan furniture is typically lightweight, making it fairly easy to store away. However, if you lack the space to do so, the next best way to protect it is to invest in some decentpatio and garden furniture covers. It may also be worth thinking about weatherproofing your rattan garden furniture.

Why not add a few finishing touches to your rattan garden furniture? Check out Shinlin garden furniture accessories to give your garden that extra surprises this Summer.

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