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How To Buy The Perfect Sun Lounger?

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In the hot summer, the pool seems to be a paradise to escape the heat outdoor. Like a fish wandering in clear water, you can feel free. But unlike fish, you need to get out of the pool to have some rest. Sun loungers will be a beacon of luxury that promise head-to-toe relaxation. You might dream of soaking up the sun by the pool. Sometimes you want to enjoy an afternoon nap on a shady patio. Do you know how to buy the perfect sun lounger? Shinlin’s sun loungers have their own unique features that can make your experience all the more enjoyable.

TY001 Sun Lounger

Being Versatile

Reading, sunbathing, chatting, daydreaming… You can do whatever you want when you relax on sun lounger. But the most desirable thing you are looking is to seamlessly shift from one to another. Is that right? Then it’s all about a sun lounger with powerful options. Styles with up to five recline settings allow you to find just the right position, from upright to fully flat. Our TY001 Sun Lounger makes it effortless. The aluminum frame makes sure the durability while the curved design can support your body well. For those who wisely seek extra comfort, a side table and spare cushions make for a wonderful relaxation.

TY002 Lounger


You probably can't wait to lie down on the sun lounger and rest, even though your body is still wet. You do not have to choose between poolside fun and luxurious comfort. Fashion-style all weather fabric and quick dry foam seating, as featured on our TY002, supports your body but dries quickly after a swim or rain. Even our most luxurious cushions boast quick-drying convenience, thanks to breathable materials and ventilated construction. High-resiliency foam core cushions are wrapped with a state-of-the-art fabric cover that laughs off rain and dries in minutes.

TY014 Sunlounger

Big Room For Two

Are you a big believer in the motto “more is more”? Then you can consider a large-scaled sun lounger like Shinlin TY014. The independence of a single person and the intimacy of a couple meet perfectly at the same time. It is perfectly sized for two and includes individually adjustable chair backs for personalized comfort. And the liftable small coffee table in the middle will bring you an unexpected surprise.

TY013 Sunlounger

Stackable For Storage

Inevitably, every summer must come to an end. You will not leave your sun lounger outside all the time. Then storage will be a consideration, especially for those who have many pieces of loungers. Lighten the load with a stacking, folding or caster design that will be ready to stack for saving space. No need to worry about your small storage space.

TY007 SunLounger

Have Your Own Style

You may already be tired of the same old design style. You should definitely pay attention to Shinlin TY007, if you want to become an eye-catching outdoor veteran. This design is inspired by caterpillars eating in the leaves, and the lying figure seems to be relaxing. It can make it easier for you to blend in with nature and relax both physically and mentally. It's also nice to enjoy your leisure time with this model on the beach.


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