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How Does Shinlin Furniture Connect To The World?

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As a one-stop-solution provider of outdoor furniture, Shinlin offers a complete range for the outdoor furniture market including Outdoor Sofa Sets, Garden Dining Sets, Daybed, Sun Loungers, Swing Chairs, Parasols and Accessories etc. Shinlin Furniture has been a regular exhibitor to the traditional offline fair in the past years. But since the outbreak of the pandemic, it has been almost impossible for us to meet our valued customers through such exhibitions. So Shinlin Furniture has been striving to serve our customers well through various channels.

For the B2B sector, we have officially launched our website on Made-In-China.com. Made-In-China.com is an online world of information on Chinese products, providing e-commerce services for domestic and foreign buyers with a wealth of products, aiming to introduce Chinese suppliers' products to domestic and foreign buyers using the Internet. In 2021 alone, Made-In-China.com was visited by users from over 220 countries and regions, with over 830 million visits. Shinlin Furniture will show her latest arrivals and provide best service via this platform. You can reach us https://shinlinfurniture.en.made-in-china.com.

Shinlin Furniture on Made-in-china

For social media, we have to admit that we're a new starter. In the past, we thought we could just focus on making the product better. Obviously, it's time to change that thought. This year, we have launched LinkedIn and Facebook one after another where we can share information about our factory, our products, our customers, our projects and much more. But it's never too late to start. For short videos, we are actively laying out Tik Tok and YouTube. Because of the huge amount of traffic and users, short video platforms not only bring a lot of opportunities for self-publishers, but also provide new space for companies to carry out brand operations and product promotion. This is a trend that cannot be ignored. You can reach us https://www.facebook.com/Shinlin-Furniture-100609455963495


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No matter what the channel, we always deliver high quality products and services. Today Shinlin’s full product portfolio and new collections continue to help our clients stand out from competition. We are definitely sure! Enjoy sunshine, and enjoy the leisure time with Shinlin Furniture


Shinlin Furniture is one of outdoor solution expert in Shunde China, leading innovation and quality in outdoor furniture since 2006.
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