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How Big Is The Outdoor Leisure Furniture Market In China?

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Globally, the development of the outdoor furniture market is relatively mature, from design to laying out the industry chain. Users are mainly household, and brand stores are all over the place. Higher living standards, large living space, and strong hands-on skills are all conditions that contribute to the prosperity of industry.

What is China’s market like? In recent years, people's living standards have improved and the concept of fashion has become popular. Chinese consumers' demand for outdoor leisure furniture grows rapidly. China's outdoor leisure furniture market scale reaches about 3.65 billion yuan in 2022.


At present, China has become the first exporter of outdoor furniture. The main export regions of China's outdoor furniture are the European Union, The United States, Japan and South Korea accounted for 28%, 33% and 8% respectively, and exports from other regions accounted for 31%. From the perspective of regional distribution of outdoor furniture enterprises, China's outdoor furniture enterprises mainly gathered in Guangdong Province, accounting for 34%, followed by Jiangsu Province, with enterprises accounting for 18% and Zhejiang Province accounting for 18%, with enterprises in other regions accounting for 40%.

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The development of outdoor leisure furniture and supplies in China started late, and the popularity of the civilian market is low due to the restrictions of living conditions. At present, outdoor leisure furniture and supplies are mainly concentrated in the commercial field, such as shopping malls, high-end clubs, resorts, scenic spots and other tourist and leisure places.

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Lack of Design

Although China is the main exporter of outdoor furniture, the local sound brands and designs are deficient. The fact is that Guangdong and Jiangsu and Zhejiang large factories are basically export oriented. The overseas buyers will provide their own design with objectively profitable margin. It leaves these factories with no incentive to invest in their own branding and design. On the other hand, it is an easy way to follow some designs from some big exhibitions, like the Milan Fair. Then they make small changes on designs and materials. For the domestic market, buyers' requirements are generally not as high as overseas.

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Promotion & After-Sales Still Have To Do More

Few domestic outdoor furniture brands are willing to spend money and energy on advertising and promotion. The general public's willingness to consume is not fully stimulated, thinking that the outdoor furniture is not necessary. For users who have enough outdoor space and budget, they do not have reasonable guidance and one-stop design services. Most outdoor furniture can last for one or two years. As long as they could have been reasonably cleaned, refurbished, maintained, it can expect another three or five years. But more often than not, customers do not have the concept of maintenance. As manufacturers and traders, they provide one to two years warranty. Because of the high cost and lack of after-sales services, the users would give up maintenance.

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