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Company News: What Makes Shinlin Furniture Continue To Innovate And Grow?

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A perfect end to Shinlin Furniture’s 3 days Corporate Short Video and Live Streaming Training Camp in Nanhai, Foshan! As a one-stop-solution outdoor furniture provider, Shinlin never stop learning which is the core of innovation. This will allow Shinlin to offer better products and services on Outdoor Sofa Sets, Garden Dining Chair and Table Sets, Daybed, Sun Loungers, Swing Chairs, Parasols and Accessories etc.

Epidemics, unstable economies and unpredictable conflicts have changed many things in recent years, including production and trade in the furniture industry. We are constantly thinking about how we can provide more value to our customers. On the one hand we are constantly working to ensure high quality products. On the other hand, we are also actively looking for more competitive business development channels.

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In addition to traditional B2B trade platforms, Shinlin believes there is a huge opportunity for corporate short video marketing and live streaming. By planning and producing high quality, highly communicative short video content related to the brand and product, we can widely and precisely push all kinds of corporate information to customers and increase the visibility of the company. It can make full use of the fan economy to achieve the corresponding marketing purpose, which is the core purpose of short video operation.

Shinlin’s team always keep an open and positive mind for any new trends. Through intensive training camp, we realized the power of short video platforms. Short video platforms are gaining more and more popularity among users. This can be seen in the statistics: for example, Tik Tok has about 1.9 billion users. Because of the huge amount of traffic and users, short video platforms not only bring a lot of opportunities for self-publishers, but also provide new space for companies to carry out brand operations and product promotion.

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Next, Shinlin Furniture will gradually build the team and explore the implementation of short video marketing solutions. In the near future, please remember to say hello to us if you meet us on the short video platform.


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