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Company News: Shinlin Launched All-Match Dining Sets For Both Indoor And Outdoor

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Shinlin Furniture has been faithful to her vision—to never stop seeking inspiration, leading innovation and quality in outdoor furniture. At the end of April, we officially launched our NEW All-Match Upholstered Dining Sets for Both Indoor and Outdoor.

We always listen carefully to our customers' needs and feedback. A new dining set can blend the indoor comfort and the outdoor durability will be appreciated. And it would be great if it can meet various requirements for both residential and commercial applications. All the market feedback and our expertise have led to the creation and release of this NEW Series.

All-Match outdoor and indoor Dining Set

All-Match For Both Indoor And Outdoor

In the general impression, outdoor dining set looks in such ways, solid wood, rattan or cast aluminum goes with separate cushions. Despite less compromised functionality, they are not integrated and look rather unattractive. Now Shinlin’s NEW All-Match Dining Set for Both Indoor and Outdoor will make a perfect combination. It blurs the boundary of indoor and outdoor. It means that you do not worry such dining set ruin your atmosphere when you place it indoor if necessary. On the contrary, it will make your dining space more elegant.

All-Match Dining Set 3

High Quality Materials Makes Real Good Dining Sets

The importance of quality has always been at the forefront of company strategy. Shinlin believes that real good materials make the real good furniture. The quick-dry foam and all-weather proof fabric are the core elements that can help you avoid lots trouble, like water and stain spilled on the surface.

All-Match Dining Set 5

Various Styles Are Optional

Any small changes in color, materials, lines and patterns can have totally different experience. Thanks to the extensive experience accumulated in cooperation with various customers from both residential and commercial, Shinlin can provide ODM/OEM service for your various projects. For the table, you can choose Tempered Glass, Sintered Stone and Aluminum Top.

All-Match Dining Set 5

Exclusive Sales Agreement are Available

In fact, before the official release of this NEW All-Match Upholstered Dining Sets, we have successfully delivered several containers to our customers. Some of them will prefer to have the Exclusive Sales Agreements in their market. Now Shinlin will grant the Exclusive Sales upon your requirements.


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