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Are You Prepared For The Upcoming Summer? Just In Shinlin Style!

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The Dragon Boat Festival is just around the corner, signifying the unofficial kick-off of summer! The time of year where people will be found going outside more often and weekends will be spent by the pool, on the beach, or at the lake. No one can resist the charm of the outdoors, where fresh air and bright sunshine are daily routine. The question is, are you really ready? Don’t worry! Being prepared in Shinlin Style will be the good answer.

Embracing Nature In The Long Summer Days

At Shinlin, we fully understand people’s desire to be closed to the nature. Our Teakwood Sofa collections offer outdoor styles in proportions and scale usually reserved for indoor upholstery for ultimate lounging comfort. It boasts a generous range of deep-seating and coffee pieces in its signature teak-inspired finish, providing endless options to set the stage for outdoor entertaining and relaxation. Embodying effortlessly stylish living, Outdoor Teakwood sofa set series are crafted with a lasting aluminum frame. And they offer the real look and feel of natural wood, with minimal maintenance. Pair with coordinating occasional and coffee tables, or choose to mix and match with pieces from other coordinating collections like side tables. The opportunities are endless!

SF013 Outdoor Teakwood Sofa

Bringing Resort Style Home

You must linger in the luxury of the resort style, like the king daybed which are rare for home. Now you can bring them home. Shinlin’s Daybed Collection is an architectural statement with its modern and industrial lines blended into one striking design. It is an eye-catching focal point for any outdoor space, poolside, garden-side, rooftop or under a canopy. There are various types of daybeds for your options. The rope braided daybeds for two people for suitable for small space where you can enjoy intimate time with your loved one. Of course, you will have an unforgettable gathering experience with your friends in our bird cage designed rattan king daybeds.

Outdoor daybed

Dining Outdoors

Summertime offers an extended opportunity to enjoy meals and appetizers outdoors with friends and family. Shinlin offers an assortment of occasional and dining tables that can accommodate any party size comfortably. Highlighting a popular sizes choice, CZ009 Teakwood Dining Table is known for its durability and natural moisture-resistant oils. It is an excellent choice for outdoor furniture that will stand the test of time.

Outdoor Teakwood Dining Set


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