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2022 Outdoor Furniture Trends You Cannot Miss

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People are still in the dark night of the epidemic. During lockdowns, many people have been developing a newfound appreciation for their outdoor spaces. From quaint gardens to shaded patios, outdoor living in 2022 has become synonymous with time spent at home. So it is time for you to think of upgrading your cozy patio or even a sprawling backyard. We can highly recommend investing in this rewarding adventure!

Best of all, creating your outdoor oasis for enjoying the fresh air is easy with the right inspiration. From sharing meals with loved ones to taking time out with a good book, you can love every second you spend outside with some of these popular styles and trends. Have fun curating the outdoor area of your dreams!

Durable And Comfortable Materials

In 2022, we will see many people gravitate towards selected materials like PE rattan,  braided rope and wood. From braided rope to teak furniture, these elements can add an interesting texture to any outdoor space. Stylish, durable and natural mildew-resistant materials will ensure that your aesthetic stays in good shape over the seasons. Teak outdoor furniture’s high natural oil content and tight wood grain are particularly reliable and attractive.

Outdoor Sofa Set 1

Super-Function In Micro-spaces

Not everyone has the luxury of a spacious backyard. Tiny gardens for savvy urbanites are all the rage in 2022! Because you don’t need the good fortune of a large backyard just to pull off a stunning outdoor experience. Any side garden, patio or porch can be transformed with the right outdoor table and chairs. Of course, this is also the perfect situation for embracing a vertical garden, off-the-floor swing chairs and hammocks. You can even fill your hanging chair with comfy cushions to relax as you sway in the breeze.

Outdoor Swing Chair 2

Outdoor Dining & Conveniences

Dining outside with family and friends is an increasingly popular outdoor activity. It stands to reason that there has also been an uptick in the number of households looking for outdoor dining sets. This will ultimately supplement the main interior kitchen for many of these types of gatherings. After all, having the extra outdoor dining space can be a real blessing around the holiday season when the whole family and more are in town. Of course, space, budget, and climate will always influence the design of your outdoor dining collection.

Outdoor Ding Set 3

Monochromatic Color Palette

It might be that social media has had a hand in the rise of the exceptionally photogenic all white or all grey tone gardens. There’s no denying that they are the epitome of style, creating a peaceful oasis and framing a key trend for the year. This look relies on focusing on a single monochromatic color and pulling it through your furniture, décor and flowering plants. It provides wonderful flexibility, even if your favourite colors are darker hues like purple or black.

Outdoor sofa set Color 4

Focus On Entertaining Experience

Whether you’re dining, exercising, or just hanging out, you can enhance your space into a comfortable, well-equipped extension of your home. It’s so easy with the latest outdoor furniture trends at your fingertips. Our wide selection of stylish garden furniture offers everything you need to get your garden on – all year through! Why not try some outdoor bar stool and table collection? And one selected parasol will create a wonderful space for you all.

Outdoor Bar Set 5


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