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2022 Analysis And Forecast On Global Outdoor Furniture Market Status and Size

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Outdoor furniture is an important tool for human beings to expand the boundaries of their activities. It can help people regulate their interest in life and cultivate their sentiments. And it is also a concrete expression of people's proximity to nature and their love of life. The outdoor furniture industry has a long history of development and is technically mature. At present, outdoor furniture has been widely used in villas, hotels, restaurants, parks, squares and other outdoor areas. It becomes one of the most dynamic branches of the furniture industry.

In recent years, the outdoor furniture market has been developing towards personalization and fashion. The demand for personalization and fashion has accelerated the renewal of products, increasing the rate of renewal of outdoor furniture and promoting the growth of demand in the industry. Data shows that the global outdoor leisure furniture market size will be on an upward trend from 2016-2025, rising from US$14.2 billion in 2016 to US$25.4 billion in 2025.

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North America is one of the major consumer regions for outdoor furniture, with the US being the largest single country market in the world. Data shows that the US outdoor furniture market size will be on an upward trend from 2013 to 2023. The US outdoor furniture market size was US$6.92 billion in 2013 and is expected to reach US$9.64 billion in 2023, with a CAGR of 3.37%. The US outdoor furniture market size is about half of the global market, the degree of demand for outdoor furniture in the US market is higher than other countries, and the global market is influenced by the US market.

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As a sub-sector of outdoor furniture, the market size of outdoor firepits and gas stoves has been increasing in recent years. The firepit and gas stove industry started late in China and the consumer market is large in foreign countries, especially in North America. In China consumers have not yet developed consumption habits, so the consumer market size is small. Data shows that in 2019, the global firepits and gas stove size of 1.13 billion U.S. dollars, is expected to reach 1.37 billion U.S. dollars in 2025.

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